Computer Security for Local Governments

With the advent of Homeland Security and the continued emphasis of Presidential Decision Directive 7 & 63, the Center for Public Management is proud to offer a training program assisting local governments in reducing risk and exposure to computer threats and vulnerabilities. The program is for all local government employees and managers.This program increases computer security awareness, assists the local governments in employee education, and reduces the potential for high profile information disruption, corruption and destruction.By providing computer risk mitigation training to staff and management, local governments are taking a proactive stance against unintentional as well as intentional computer vulnerabilities and the risk of information loss.


  • The training program is a tool to assist your organization in conjunction with your existing computer use and Internet use policies and training procedures.
  • Sessions are approximately two hours in length.
  • Multiple sessions can be scheduled at department and employee convenience.
  • The cost is $50 per employee, with a minimum of 15 attendees. (Training provided at your facility. Travel costs not included. Training materials provided.)
  • Large groups may qualify for pricing discounts.

Local IT managers may request specific topics or issues to be emphasized in the training sessions.

For Scheduling and Additional Information:

Patrick Shinkle – 940-369-7950 –