Welcome to the Center for Public Management

Established in 1992 as the professional development arm of the College of Health and Public Service, the mission of the Center for Public Management (CPM) is to build capacity in the public and non-profit sectors through training, research, and community engagement.

To this end, four goals have guided CPM since its inception:

1. Establish and maintain relationships with agencies in local, state, and federal government that would benefit from CPM’s technical and training assistance.

2. Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with professional associations that serve global managers in public and nonprofit organizations.

3. Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with other UNT centers and institutes that share an interest in serving public and nonprofit organizations.

4. Provide research and training opportunities to UNT faculty and graduate students.

CPM’s programs and services directly support the Department of Public Administration’s mission to become a leader in addressing the community needs of this region and the state. CPM contributes to UNT’s effort to cultivate partnerships with educational institutions at all levels, government agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to improve the quality of education and serve as a resource for lifelong learning and professional education.